Grocery Store and Market Ecommerce Delivery Software

Learn about the Urban Grocery Delivery System Grocery Store and Market Ecommerce Delivery Software
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Urban Grocery Delivery System Features:

  •  The products for your store are matched from a 75,000 item database of products with complete descriptions, UPC codes, plus gluten and kosher free claims.  Over 40,00 high quality item images are available in thumbnail and large image sizes.
  • Local products for your area are included in the product database (for installations with over 3500 active products).
  • Item Pricing and Sale Item pricing integration are included; update your prices daily with our simple interface.
  • Online orders can be immediately fulfilled from any internet connected device, or pick lists can be printed out.  Pick lists are arranged in the aisle order for your store for quick and efficient fulfillment.
  • Process credit card transactions through your existing system, or use the built in Stripe system.
  • Invoices can be generated immediately for emailing or can be printed out. No need to ring each item through the register.
  • Edit a pending order to add or delete items or change quantities.
  • Manual Entry of telephone or fax orders is supported.  No need to awkwardly enter orders through the customer website.
  • The Urban Grocery Delivery System supports multiple delivery rates and easy markup of products overall, by section, by category using percentage or fixed markups.  You can also markup items individually.  Mark up items by a percentage or fixed rate.  Increase your margin for online orders.  No need to show customers the store receipt.
  • Set the system for pickup, delivery or both.
  • Export deliveries to the app for driver dispatching.
  • Customers can log in to your shopping cart and order from a list of their previously ordered items .
  • Use up to seven different coupon codes to give promotional discounts by percent or a fixed amount.
  • Track customer contacts and sales data.
  • Create and email or print customized follow up letters for customers.
  • Your dedicated website and online shopping cart will be located at   Set up is easy using our built in templates.
  • Google Analytics support is included.
  • We support the UGDS with free telephone and email support.
  • View an UGDS shopping cart here and a website here.

    Order the Urban Grocery Delivery System for Grocery Stores

    ♦Urban Grocery Delivery System monthly service:  $240 /mo.
    or for markets with less than 3500 products: $150 /mo.


    For unlimited log ins at up to two locations (stores).

    ♦Set up fee (one time)  $500 .


    Product Database set up:

    Match your product list with our 75,000 item database,
    including 40,000 Professional quality images.

    Integration with your current data system:

    Set up import of your daily price update

    Set up import of your sale items

    Domain name registration-One Year: $20

    There are no recurring per order fees!

    Two hours of live online web training is included.

    For more than two store locations please call us at 202-544-5081 or email us.

    Please email us if you have questions or need more information, or call 202-544-5081.
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