Problems of Starting a Grocery Delivery Business

The Urban Grocery Delivery System tackles the toughest problems of starting a grocery delivery business.

  • Where will I get a list of the products that the store(s) where I shop carry?

Answer:  We provide a list of 75,000 products covering virtually all products carried in stores in the United States, including produce items and a list of generic store brand items.

  • Where will I get product images? 

Answer:  The Urban Grocery Delivery System includes approximately 40,000 professinal quality product images.

  • How do I know which products are carried by the store(s) where I shop?

Answer:  The UGDS allows you to choose which items to include based on the percentage of stores in your area carrying those products.  Simply set the percentage that you want to use, and the system will show only those items carried by that percent of all stores in your area.

  • How do I set the current price of items in my list without checking each item manually?

Answer:  The average price of each item in the product list is included.  This price can optionally be automatically updated quarterly.

  • How do I provide a receipt for each customer without travelling back to the office, since weights or availability of products may vary?

Answer:  You can enter pricing information, including weights, quantities or product substitutions live from any internet connected device.  You can also save a copy of the receipt, show it to your customer and email it to them on the spot.

  • I am a store owner.  How do I get all of the products in my store online?

Answer:  Virtually every grocery product offered in the United States is listed in our database.  We will use the UPC codes of these items to exactly match the database we provide with the list of items available in your store.  We will also add any unique products that your store carries that may not be in our database.

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