Urban Grocery was founded on July 5, 1994.  Richard originally was a delivery agent and also worked for one of the first grocery delivery services in Washington, DC, the Happy Mind Shop at Home Service.  When that company closed in June of 1994, Richard and his wife Stacey determined to continue home grocery delivery by offering the service themselves.

Customers originally ordered by telephone and fax.  All customers used a paper catalog, and the first ones were produced with Microsoft Word, which was quite a process!  UrbanGrocery.com was first up and running in 1999.  The early re-order system was a simple text file that customers could fill the quantities in on.  It was low tech, but it worked.     

Urban Grocery has worked with a number of different store partners throughout its history.  We are dedicated to giving you the best selection, quality, and service at supermarket prices.

In 2001 Urban Grocery began developing its associate and affiliate system to allow other entrepreneurs to use it’s software and system.  Urban Grocery held seminars and began offering its system to those who wished to operate a grocery delivery service locally or nationally.   Currently, the Urban Grocery Delivery System  (UGDS) offers the most cost effective and efficient way for Grocery Stores and Entrepreneurs to launch and operate an online delivery service.  UGDS is provided as a Software as a Service, making it available from any internet connected device worldwide.

In 2002 Urban Grocery co-founders Richard & Stacey Urban founded Urban Life Training.  The mission of Urban Life Training is to raise youth leaders to develop good character and to model and teach about the benefits of sexual abstinence, in preparation for marriage and successful family formation.

Today, Urban Grocery LLC provides the Urban Grocery Delivery System for grocery stores and grocery delivery services throughout the United states.  Our goal is to expand our unique delivery system so that customers are being served in every state and territory in the United States, as well as the Washington DC Metro area and worldwide.