Benefits of purchasing and deploying the Urban Grocery Delivery System

1. Earn money by delivering a product that everone uses.

2. Serve your community-Make a difference.

3. Work with a Company that is actively involved in the Grocery Delivery Business on a day to day level.

4.  Use a system that helps you to set up your product database faster.

5. You can work together with your family.

6. Fulfill a need in the community.

7.  Work with a company that believes in whole person grocery delivery.  We don’t just deliver groceries.  We support strong families and making our communities better places to live.

8. Work with a company that supports teaching youth abstinence until marriage.

9. Meet many interesting people.

10. Be in a position for positive change to occur in your life (by being out there meeting and serving people).

11. Get to know your neighbors and community better.

12. Promote positive values in your community.

13. Promote living for others to your own family members by example.

14. Use time wisely; help people at the same time as earning money.

15. Start your own business with a low initial investment.

16. Share your ideas as a team member of Urban Grocery and help Urban Grocery fulfill your needs and those of your neighbors better.

17. Deliver a product that is needed at all times, and is less subject to economic fluctuations.

18. Do Urban Grocery together with another business or ministry. You will meet many people who can use your other services, products, or ministries.

19. Get moderate exercise while making money and meeting your neighbors.

20. Save on taxes by deducting business expenses.

21. Enjoy yourself while helping others.