Would you like to earn free groceries?

Do you know neighbors, friends, relatives, business associates or others who could benefit from grocery delivery service?

Would you like to explore starting your own business, or adding an extra income stream to your existing business?

The Urban Grocery Delivery System Affiliate Program gives you Free Groceries for each person referred by you who purchases groceries from Urban Grocery.

For each person that you refer who orders from Urban Grocery (minimum order is $50 worth of groceries before delivery fee), you will receive a $10 grocery credit from Urban Grocery.  Additionally, you will receive a $1 grocery credit each time they order.  Or receive $5 cash and a $1.00 cash per order credit. (minimum cash payment $20).  This program is valid for delivery to all Washington DC households or businesses.  Schools and Churches can earn unlimited free groceries by referring members of their organization.  Or, Urban Grocery will donate the referral fees earned toward HIV/AIDS pevention and Healthy relationship education sessions at your organization by Urban Life Training.

Once you have referred 10 peopple who purchase groceries (and everyone needs groceries), then you have the option to Save 10% on the Purchase of the Urban Grocery Delivery System.  With the System you will Start Your Own Grocery Delivery Business and start delivering to those that you referredOr if you prefer, just keep referring new customers to Urban Grocery to keep receiving free groceries or credit toward Urban Life Training presentations.


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